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  • SEASONAL Espresso

    SEASONAL Espresso


    Dark chocolate & hazelnut sweetness, with a toffee note to finish.

    Brazil Rainha natural

    Costa Rica Alto San Juan

    Colombia Los Naranjos

    This is Ritual Coffee 101: our how-to guide for roasting and blending.

    Step 1: choose a few of the tastiest new arrivals from around the world's coffee-growing regions.

    Step 2: roast them to highlight their best traits - we look for abundant sweetness, and clean, fruity acidity.

    Step 3: blend them together, and enjoy it while it lasts (until the next new beans arrive!).


    This is a blend for everyone! Great with or without milk.

    Our seasonal blends evolve according to what’s freshly harvested. This version will be available until around early 2015.

  • Ethiopia KONGA

    Ethiopia KONGA

    Single Origin

    Sweet caramel & toffee, with a grapefruit marmalade finish.

    Region: Yirgacheffe

    Altitude: 1875-2050m ASL

    Varieties: heirloom

    Harvested: Dec 2013

    Processing: fully washed

    Such a pleasure to have this stunning Ethiopian! We've had the fruity Gelana Abaya for a while now, but this bean - from the same region: Yirgacheffe - shows what a difference the washed processing method makes.

    This coffee is all about crystal clear sweetness and acidity. The sweetness is quite pronounced, hinting at caramel and toffee, with a warm citrus-like acidity. The finish has a refreshing zesty note that reminded me of grapefruit marmalade!

    We roast the Konga reasonably light to preserve all those delightful aromatics, so this one is best suited to brewed coffee (plunger/filter etc.) rather than espresso.

  • Brazil RAINHA 2014

    Brazil RAINHA 2014

    Single Origin

    Huge body, big chocolate and nut flavours with a hint of fruit.

    Region: Sul de Minas Gerais

    Altitude: 1250m ASL

    Variety: Yellow Bourbón

    Harvested: Jun-Sep 2013

    Processing: natural

    Rainha is poles apart from some of the mediocre coffees from the world's largest producer! We're so happy to have found such a clean and sweet Brazil natural.

    Fazenda Rainha won first place in Brazil 2011 Cup of Excellence competition - so we're talking some serious talent here.

    With natural process coffees, the "cherries" are dried whole and the beans are only separated from the fruit once fully dry. If it is done well (like at Fazenda Rainha), natural processing increases the body and richness of a coffee, yielding buttery, fruit and chocolate notes.

    Perfectly suited to espresso, where you'll get a really sweet and viscous coffee. As a brewed coffee (not a usual choice for Brazils) you'll get a surprising choc-nut cup - subdued but very tasty.

  • RESERVE Blend 2014

    RESERVE Blend 2014


    Sweet almond nougat and spices, with a dried fruit finish.

    This is our third Reserve Blend for 2014:

    • 60% Colombia Los Naranjos washed
    • 20% Ethiopia Konga washed
    • 20% Ethiopia Gelana Abaya natural

    We think of this as our adventurous blend. It's just what we want in a blend: a nice balance between the coffee's natural sweetness and acidity, while retaining all the unique characteristics of each coffee, and suitable with or without milk.

    For this version we start with our ever reliable Los Naranjos lot from Colombia, which we roast a little lighter than usual in this blend to highlight its delicious fruity acidity. The other components are both Ethiopian - firstly the very fruity and exotic Gelana Abaya which is something of a signature bean for this blend, and then a washed Ethiopian called Konga which adds a great zestiness and caramel-toffee finish.

    You can find this blend featured at Amelia Espresso.

    Our Reserve blends evolve according to what’s freshly harvested; this version will be available from December 2014.

  • Thailand LA MAI 2013

    Thailand LA MAI 2013

    Single Origin

    Quality beans, direct from our wonderful project in Thailand.

    Region: Chiang Rai, near Thailand's northern border

    Altitude: 1100-1300m ASL

    Varieties: Catimor, Typica

    Harvested: Jan-Feb 2013

    Processing: fully washed

    This is a coffee that we are very passionate about, having visited the La Mai project in January 2012, and then again in December 2012.

    It's an impressive program - g ood climate, good soil, good altitude, good infrastructure, and great people behind it. We were very pleased to continue our support of the La Mai project along with our partners Bright Hope World (NZ) and ITDP on the ground in Thailand for the 3rd year.

    Our favourite of the samples that we tasted was from the same village for the third year running! Unfortunately we can't actually name that village in case their coffee gets poached or stolen from our partners (this has happened before!), but we can tell you that the coffee was grown at 1100-1300m above sea level under forest cover (which promotes nice slow maturation of the cherries).

    The cherries were collected from the village and taken to the central washing station where they were pulped and left to ferment overnight. The following morning they were rinsed and left to soak for up to 24 hours before being laid out of raised beds for drying.

    Each year we've noticed an improvement in these beans, and this year is no exception! Expect a fairly earthy-nutty sweetness, with hints of dark chocolate and a subtle apple & plum acidity.

  • Costa Rica MI PILAR

    Costa Rica MI PILAR

    Single Origin

    Candied fruit sweetness, with hints of chocolate fudge and orange.

    Region: Tarrazú

    Altitude: 1700m ASL

    Varieties: Caturra, Catuaí

    Harvested: Dec 2013 - Mar 2014

    Processing: natural process.

    Another great coffee sourced through our partner's ongoing work with the Rio Jorco mill in Costa Rica's Tarrazú region.

    This is a natural process coffee, meaning that the fruit was left whole rather than being pulped and washed prior to drying.

    The sign of a great natural process coffee is a clean flavour; fruity flavours and sweetness without any musty, earthy, muddy notes. Mi Pilar is a stunning example of this!

    It's full of chocolate fudge sweetness and bold, berry-like fruitiness.

    A great coffee for espresso or filter, with or without milk.

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